How to Block Mac Address in Dlink Router 2730u?

How to Block Mac Address in Dlink Router 2730u?

Dlink routers are an essential device that connects your computer and helps in sharing all information at one specific network. Mac is well known as media access control which is unique ID especially for your dlink routers. With the help of Mac address you can distinguish between various devices through which a system device is connected to the same network. If find any troubles then contact us at Dlink tech support number avails 24/7 hours a day.

Fix an issue for how to block Mac address in Dlink router 2730u as discussed below:

Step-1 Firstly, it requires to have own username as well as password for a dlink router 2730u. When going to search Mac address into your PC, running windows. Under the windows, below the heading of administrator open the tab of Command prompt. Press ctrl plus R and then enter cmd, now hit the enter key.

Step-2 Enter ipconfig/ all. If facing any error make one call to Dlink technical support.

Step-3 If you wants to block Mac address in Dlink router, it requires to make a WI-Fi connection. If any doubts find then make one contact to dlink tech support avails all time.

Step-4 It requires configuring your dlink router only to make enabled the Mac address. For this configuration, open your favorite web browser and then enter and login.

Step-5 Now come to the advanced tab as located in your dlink router and choose Mac filtering.

Step-6 Select an option of add and then enter Mac address in six pair format. Usually for the need of Mac address this wants to make a direct connection with a dlink router device. If facing errors in blocking Mac address in dlink router 2730u, make one contact to dlink customer support avails round the clock.

Spreading Dlink Tech Support Services as Globally

Dlink customer support is the finest option where you get best help for dlink routers. Our aim is to provide a massive router support to all clients at affordable plans. Thus, the dlink router technicians are well qualified and versatile in fixing all nuisances at one specific time via email, telephonic discussion or by live chats. Hence our dlink tech support spreads all over the universe. We revolutionize the way to work and proffer an instant resolution to a dlink user.

An Instant Support for Dlink Wired or Wireless Routers

We provide online technical support for dlink router to the customer. Over thousands of customers have already hire dlink tech support and achieve a full gratification in one single call. Such clients are aware how tremendous technicians are here to understand user’s exact issue that’s why people recommend only dlink tech support.

Online Technical Support for Dlink Routers

Get an advanced technical support via online. We are specializing in fixing users countless bugs. Hence our endeavor is to ensure customers gratification and removes all their doubts in one perfect call resolution. We are now available via online, email or through live chat.


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